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"Who besides a degraded rabble would voluntarily present itself to be graded and classified like meat? No wonder school is compulsory." John Taylor Gatto

listen dude..

13 September 2004
Posted by danielle

listen dude.. it doesnt help ppl to make them cheat.. it just makes them do worse when thier on thier own. and yea im one of those kids who dont always get the best grades..dont u like ever feel guilty that u cheated?? my god det a life and by the way..ur cheating ways suck ass..


Posted by Site Admin:
Feel guilty? I always feel guilty when I do something wrong. I don't believe that cheating in school is wrong, because I believe that being forced to memorize things you hate and will never use, that is wrong. However, if I cheated on a subject with a teacher that I actually respected, then I'd feel guilty. Last time that happened, I decided not to cheat on that subject ever again.

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TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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