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These are some responses people emailed to me regarding the crib notes section. Newest ones on top. Feel free to click on them and read my responses to them, but you can't add comments anymore. You can thank the spammers for that.

How about you people actually study and learn?
[13 December 2004]
Posted by A teacher

How about you people actually study and learn? That way you actually gain some sort of intelligence. If you cheat on major examinations and get a good job, your going to have a hard time getting anywhere with that job.

listen dude..
[13 September 2004]
Posted by danielle

listen dude.. it doesnt help ppl to make them cheat.. it just makes them do worse when thier on thier own. and yea im one of those kids who dont always get the best grades..dont u like ever feel guilty that u cheated?? my god det a life and by the way..ur cheating ways suck ass..

Screw you teachers.
[11 September 2004]
Posted by Zen

Screw you teachers. The reason why we cheat is for the plainly obvious reason that what we are forced to learn is neither interesting nor useful. Sure the basics are important, but why do we need to know something as stupid as "what is the gradient of the two points (2,6) and (-3,7) if you really wanted to know that go measure it by hand lazy bastard

[24 August 2004]
Posted by A Real Teacher

I hope you realise that this exact page is now being distributed to many schools around the world for some reading in staff rooms - And when they schools receive it they will forward it to other schools. We will check back for updates and ensure that people who use these meathods are punished accordingly.

A question
[4 August 2004]
Posted by ninja style

Do you cheat out of desperation (you need to cheat to achieve the grades you do) or out of principle (you cheat because you are frustrated with all the bullshit, even though you are capable of your grades without cheating)?

No, teachers are idiots.
[20 July 2004]
Posted by daisy000

No, teachers are idiots. Even in the rare case that you get one that is somewhat intelligent, they have so many students-- its hard to keep track. To be a teacher in the States, all you need is a couple of night courses--- i bet some of my teachers didnt even take them. In fact, we are in such a bind for teachers, they accept just about anyone off the street who hasnt committed a felony.... but some of my teachers... im not so sure about

cheating is not a crime.
[14 June 2004]
Posted by jo jo ;)

cheating is not a crime. sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. but every mark counts, and marks dont mean your smart or dumb, so if u can manage to hustle a few extra marks on a test, then you know how the world works, and then the marks dont get you far in life;)

This site sucks.
[17 May 2004]
Posted by J-Bo

This site sucks. Cheating is wrong, haha. But hey I'm not gonna tell you what to do, you know the risks involved. And if you never want to learn anything that's fine, it's no skin off my back. But people like you make this look o.k. when it's not. Do whatever you want because I can't stop you. This site is hilarious and ludicrous. Peace

You should know better
[10 May 2004]
Posted by A teacher

My son John would never cheat and if I cought him cheating i would kill him! You boys are an ebaulmination to education and think your smart now but when your taking the SAT's you cant cheat and your going to flunk. And my John will be the boy getting the 1400

All the teacher has to understand
[9 April 2004]
Posted by college student

All the teacher has to understand is that if there wasnt so much pressure on us students to do so well in school maybe cheating wouldnt even happen. Getting good grades to please the parents, not waste thousands of money at college and to get a good job is a lot of pressure. Some kids cant do well by themselves and in college its practically impossible for a student to get help from a teacher because in college teachers dont care. To many kids for them to worry about so they wont deal with it. Ive cheated on tests and papers my whole life and i plan on not stopping. Forget the stupid saying if you cheat then you are really cheating yourself that is all BS!!! If it gets u good grades and a good job later in life that makes LOTS OF MONEY then i say hell yea go for it!!!

its sad
[8 April 2004]
Posted by the smart one

its sad if your going through all the trouble of typing the questions and anwsers on the coputer when thats time you could be studying and actually learning something and if you do your homework and everything your supose to u wont need to cheat because you will have learned something and no their is nothing wrong with the school systems its all the lazy ass kids in the school systems

[19 March 2004]
Posted by cupcake


overall i think your web site really sucks ass
[13 March 2004]
Posted by teacher

overall i think your web site really sucks ass! i cant belive how dumb you must be to even put this bullshit on here.

this is NOT rediculous
[27 February 2004]
Posted by a student

no, the reason the world is full of idiots has nothing to do with schools, but with previous idiots that breed. However, the way schools are set up doesn't help the situation much, either. students learn, through the constant bullshit they are forced to trudge through, that schools are not there to provide education. the "information" they provide is almost always useless and definitely always boring.

[27 February 2004]
Posted by weak

I assume everybody posting ideas here is in elementary school. Because every single idea is poorly thought out or blatantly obvious. Good luck in your life working at McDonalds. oh and the response that you gave to the teachers comments makes you look like more of an idiot.

Take your website off the internet.
[12 September 2003]
Posted by A Teacher

You are right. Teachers are aware of these tips. I am one. The worst part think that you are helping students when all you are doing is hurting them in the end. It is because of people like you that the world is full of idiots.

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