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"The only time my education was interrupted was when I was in school." George Bernard Shaw

IMPORTANT: If you're here because it hurts that schoolwork is taking up all your free time, leaving you with no energy for anything meaningful to you, this is for you. If you're here because it hurts to think, then please go and do your homework - you deserve every last hour of it.

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Morse Code
Submitted by Pig_Dog
When you have to answer multiple choice questions in an exam/test etc, sit next to a good mate and work out a code: eg. 1 tap with your pen on the table/chair etc = answer A on the mutiple choice, 2 taps = answer B, 3 taps = answer C and so forth... make sure you don't tap or bang too loudy, and occassionaly change your code: instead of tapping you pen, cough or tap your feet etc so it doesn't look so suspicious doing the same thing. You could also use hand signals - 1 finger=A, 2=B etc.
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The Bathroom
Submitted by Site Admin
If your teacher will actually LET you go, stash your books and notes in the bathroom, during the test make a list of everything you DON'T know the answer to, then ask to go to the bathroom, look it all up (if you have a bad memory, write it down somewhere), then go back to the test and fill it all in.
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The Covert-Ops
Submitted by beefy
requires 4-5 friends/cheaters... if you know the teacher keeps test papers inside the room, all you have to do is get 3-4 friends to go up to the teacher and somehow distract him/her or even better somehow get him/her out of the room... then the last person will go into the room silently and look for the test paper, copy all the multiple choice answers down, then quickly get out... everything must be done smooth, if not it is really risky... i suggest you get someone to copy the answers who doesn't go to the school...
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The Team Effort
Submitted by BinBin
You need 4 people for this cheat: first you make sure you have notes hidden away someplace. Make sure one group of two is sitting one side of the class (make sure left or right not in behind) then one group distracts the teacher with dumb questions while the other two cheat and then vice versa. Simple but yet effective.
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The Reviewer
Submitted by Faka Thority
This cheating method requires two people and a teacher who gives a review straight from the test. After your teacher is done giving the review while looking at the where it is placed. After class or later on that day...have a buddy distract the teacher with a question about personal problems or some shit that a teacher would pretend to care about. Then go in for the kill. The trick to this method though is not to take the test home...just pull it out and snap pictures of it with a dugital or something....this way the teacher wont suspect anything...otherwise the test would be changed.
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The DIY Marker
Submitted by Site Admin
If your teacher lets you mark each others' papers, and you can swap with a cheater friend, pretend to swap, but actually keep your own paper. Then fix and pretend to swap back at the end.
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The Cellphone
Submitted by badja
Write your notes in SMS and save them on your phone, then take it with you to the test/exam. Also, you and a friend can SMS each other during the test, IF your phones are both on silent for obvious reasons. If they don't allow you to have your phone with you... too bad :)
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The Camera Phone
Submitted by andtheidotis.....bush
for all you tech-i cheater out there with camera phones. you take a picture of the test if you have class at the beginning of class send it to your friends with fancy phones or send it to you email adress, go to the comp lab, and print them out for everybody to study. risky but cool
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The Irritated Eye
Submitted by dumistBlonde
act like you have somthing in your eye and touch ur eye acting like ur getting an eye lash out or fixing a contact that way u can look all over the place including some ones paper. the teacher wont suspect a thing!
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The Comfort Zone
Submitted by Nicole
When your sitting next to friend that your cheating with, pretend to stand up a little bit to put your leg underneath you so you can sit on your leg, but just pretend to be getting comferatable, and while you stand up, look at his/her paper.
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The Cough
Submitted by Mandy
Have a friend that needs serious help? In the middle of the test, have a HUGE coughing fit and cough the answers to them!
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RATINGS: You can rate any of these tips on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being most useful. The ratings are based on how well the tip works, how safe it is to use, and how much info you can keep with you at a time.

Good Luck, be careful. If you've got a good clever, cunning and ingenious idea that works well, and it's not already here, tell me about it.

If you want to know the true sinister purpose of public schools, go here and here.

If you want to know how you can legally get out of school forever, go here, here and here.

If you have school phobia (fear of school), go here and here.

TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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