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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then there will be true peace." - Sri Chin Moi Gosh

IMPORTANT: If you're here because it hurts that schoolwork is taking up all your free time, leaving you with no energy for anything meaningful to you, this is for you. If you're here because it hurts to think, then please go and do your homework - you deserve every last hour of it.

General places to write/hide notes:

Ruler (preferably wooden), your shirt hem, on your chair between your legs, in your pants zipper flap, sweet/gum wrappers, on your desk (pencil is best), on the back of the desk of the person in front of you (pencil also best), your eraser (or its wrapping), inside your pencil case, on the inside of your belt, at the back of your tie, in your glasses case, on a bandage wrapped around your arm.

Try these for more info:

The Jacket II
Submitted by misledyouth
If you are wearing a jacket or an open button down shirt, simply tape notes on the inside of the jacket or shirt. When you lean forward you are able to see the notes and when a teacher walks by just sit up - the jacket or shirt closes and you go unnoticed.
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The Imprint
Submitted by Mike
Before you take the test [preferably in another class], take out a few blank sheets of paper and line them all up on your desk in a stack. Take a ballpoint pen, and on the top sheet in a corner where you dont usually write on tests, write with a pretty good pressure what you need to know for the test [answers/info/etc.] to leave a blank imprint on the next page. Use that next page for your test. When your taking the test you can still read the imprint off the paper and by the time the teacher gets the paper, the imprint won't be noticible unless they're really looking for it. To be safe, scratch the underside of the page a little to take it away when you're done.
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The Bottle
Submitted by Site Admin
If you're allowed to have cooldrink with you when you write: At home, scan in the label of the bottle. It helps if the label has a white background. Then rub out the ingredients section of the label. Type some crib notes, and get it to fit in the space the ingredients were. Use a small font so you can fit more in, and it will also be harder for anyone to see what's on there. Then print it, and put it back on the bottle (could take some trial and error to get the sizes right). Then just keep the ingredients side facing you.
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The Clear Tape
Submitted by Untouchable
If you have time, type up notes in the smallest font you can read on a computer. Print it out and carefully place clear tape over the notes (Best if done right after printing). Slowly and carefully pull up the tape and the text should be transfered onto the tape. Or if that's too hard, just write on the tape with a very thin permanent pen. Place anywhere, because it is so hard to see except when up close. Dispose at your leasure. ***MUST HAVE GOOD VISION***
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The Underwear
Submitted by matt
Type cheat sheet real small and type words up towards the waistband of your undies (ones with thick waistbands work better) and put clear plastic tape over it. Wear real baggy pants and when the teacher isnt looking, unzip and you can see everything. The best part is your teacher cant go down your pants. They probably can yell at you for indecent exposure though :P
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The Phone Number
Submitted by Mike
If there is a matching column or even multiple choice and you can get the answers early, write them on your hand as if they were a phone number. ex. Mike 394-872-6150
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The Pen
Submitted by Guy
Take an ordinary clear bic pen, and pull it all apart. Then, write out some notes on a small slip of paper, and slide it into the pen casing, and put it back together. When you need to see something, just turn the pen and read through the plastic.
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The Zipper
Submitted by max fucking murder
If you are wearing pants with a zipper, place your notes on the flap facing the zipper, drop your pencil on your lap, flip the flap up, and take a good long look. The beauty of this one is that teachers can't check for it without being called a pervert.
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The Skirt / Shorts
Submitted by purple and haynes
Write on your thigh from your knees up, your shorts/skirt will cover the notes and u can slowly pull them up under the desk and get the notes. This method is brilliant because there is heaps of writing space and almost fool proof as a teacher isnt gonna ask u to drop your pants.
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The Calculator II
Submitted by Site Admin
For subjects like Science and Maths or anything where you're allowed to have a calculator with you. Slide open your calculator, and on the inside of it's cover, you can hide a piece of paper with notes on. Then every time you need to look, all you need to do is slide your calculator a little open and read. Also, write notes in pencil directly on the calculator's cover, or even all over it. If you have so many notes that you have to write on the keys as well, write them down on the question paper before you have to use your calculator, because it rubs off.
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The White Out
Submitted by Mandy
A lot of people at my school like to write on their binders with white out pens. Write a lot on you binder/pen case/whatever, and then write the notes with it. It's hard to see!
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The Watch III
Submitted by jonathan
wear a watch that you have to spin a little dial to change the time. the day before the test, rip off the tiny thin sheet of paper off the side of a piece of paper from a notebook. write all of your notes on this piece of paper. open up the face part of your watch, and scroll the paper onto the tiny metal rod (the one that spins when you turn the crank on the outside of the watch). make sure to take out the part of the watch that shows what time it is. then, replace the face of the watch. during the test, when you turn the crank on the watch, in the screen where the time usually shows up, your scroll of notes will turn, and you can see all of the answers.
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The Pen II
Submitted by Vaio
This is sorta like the clear bic pen cheating method, however rather then using a clear bic use one of those pens that has a revolving thingy inside that sometimes holds the names of companies and logo's. For instance, in Virginia, the DMV (place to get your permit and stuff) has pens that have their address on it within the pen. When you click the clicker of the pen, the information inside the pen revolves, now all you have to do is write out or print a small piece of paper and glue it inside the pen. That way you can see everything on the notes just by clicking the pen, without being suspecious or anything.
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The Watch
Submitted by IRON FIST
Use a watch with a dark plastic or rubber strap. Write your notes on the strap with dark permanent pen (the kind used for transperancies). It will be too dark for anyone to see, but if you tilt it in the right way, you can read it. Take the notes off with alcohol when you're done.
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The Magic Pencil
Submitted by snuff102
A pencil is a great way to cheat. Just take 2 pencils already sharpened and write all the notes you want on one of the pencils. Make sure the pencil you are writing with is really sharp so you can be more accurate. No need to hide the pencil when the teacher comes by. The notes will be so small that you have to look up close to see them.
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The Dictionary
Submitted by Lola, crosswords idea by n00b
If you have a subject where the teacher lets you have your dictionary for the tests(languages usually), and you need to remember conjugations or whatever it might be, print off a small sheet of paper the size of your dictionary with all the notes. You can then tape it to one of the many blank pages these books contain or blank spaces throughout. And you should always make hand-written notes in the margins of your dictionary. If the teacher sees them, say they were for homework. If your dictionary has an activity section with things like crosswords: Write notes in here. For example, Abbreviate things Je Suis Desole Je suis en Retard (JSDJSER) Put this abb. in the crosswrod space.
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The Watch II
Submitted by Jeffy, alternative by mark
If you always ALWAYS wear a watch, there's probably a spot on your wrist that's kind of marked? Well there you can write some small notes on your wrist, and then just slip your watch down to see them. Then when the teacher walks by, just slip your watch back into it's normal place. Just be careful not to let the ink run or smudge from sweat or water or anything.OR: Write your notes on a piece of paper cut so it will fit on your watch strap. Tape it to the inside of the watch strap, and then undo your watch when you need your notes.
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The Jacket
Submitted by Site Admin
If you have a school blazer or other jacket with an inside pocket, you can hide your notes (printed to look similar to the question paper) on a normal A4 sized page in the pocket. Then when you get the question paper, make sure nobody's looking, and slip your notes inbetween the questions. After the test/exam, just slip them back in the same way.
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The Calculator
Submitted by Site Admin
Use one of those fancy calculators that allows you to write text and store it in its memory. Many schools seem to have caught on and have banned the use of these calculators though... maybe you're lucky :)
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The Shoe
Submitted by snuff102, tongue idea by shyniqwa
Write all notes or whatever on bottom of your shoe with a pencil (so you can erase it later). Then when the time comes sit crossed-legged with the foot that you have the notes on in your lap. Also you can stick a note-sheet to the tongue of your shoe. You could also write on your ankle under your sock.
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The Board
Submitted by GirlGemini
If you are stumped the day of the test try to get your teacher to explain something to you the mins right before the exam, this works very well in math classes where they will need to write on the board, if you can keep them talking, sometimes (not often) they will forget to erase the board, when the test is given out copy as much of the stuff on the board as possible on to your exam before they remember to erase it. This sounds far-fetched but it is great for getting formulas you where supposed to remeber.
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The Bottle II
Submitted by Site Admin
Use a bottle of cooldrink, preferably one with a half-transparent label. Take off the label, write some notes on the inside, then put it back on. You should just be able to read the notes from the outside, and nobody else should be able to read it without looking carefully.
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The Music Player
Submitted by David Ortiz
Record your notes to a tape or CD/minidisc, and then play it while you're taking the test. CD's are better - put music tracks on as well, so if a teacher asks what you're listening to you can just change the track quickly. If the teacher won't let you use headphones during the test, wear something with long sleeves and slip the headphones down your sleeve, then lie with your head on your hands so you can hear - makes you look more casual.
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The Forgotten Study Notes
Submitted by Nick Sparr
If your teacher allows you study time, after they ask you to put your stuff back away, place your books to the side of your desk on the floor with your notes sheet on top (disguise as an essay or something). Quickly glance at it during the test. A careless teacher won't notice a thing, and if they notice it during the test, good acting skills can convince your teacher you hadn't realized you put it there.
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The Nine Inch Nail
Submitted by gurlzzz
girlz!!! have long nails? great scribble your notes with mechanic thin pencil on your finger nails really small. make sure your nails are not greasy. cover with transparent nail polish when necessary. When you need to look at notes, act as if your chewing your nails. not really, but hold them close to your face.
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The Mirror
Submitted by Ryan
Write / stick your notes to the bottom of your desk, then bring a small mirror with you and use that to read them. Be careful not to attract attention by reflecting light into people's eyes.
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The Hat / Hoodie
Submitted by j.t. & Chase
*only works in classes allowed to wear hats/hoodies* always wear a hat/hoodie to your classes then on test day when you need your notes, write them on the underside brim of your hat. For the hoodie, write them on one side. If the teacher walks by, lean to that side of the hood. Works well just make sure you dont ruin your good hat or hood.
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The Sharpener
Submitted by pedro & Jose
A few days before the test write the notes on the pencil sharpener or on something you can put by the pencil sharpener. when you need to get the notes, just sharpen your pencil. its better to write lightly in pencil underneath the sharpener so its harder to see. This way everyone who knows about it can use it.
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The Map
Submitted by Tim
if you have a map quiz then fold up your map so the hard contries are facing up. hide using any of these other tips.
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RATINGS: You can rate any of these tips on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being most useful. The ratings are based on how well the tip works, how safe it is to use, and how much info you can keep with you at a time.

Good Luck, be careful. If you've got a good clever, cunning and ingenious idea that works well, and it's not already here, tell me about it.

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