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A question

4 August 2004
Posted by ninja style

Do you cheat out of desperation (you need to cheat to achieve the grades you do) or out of principle (you cheat because you are frustrated with all the bullshit, even though you are capable of your grades without cheating)?

For myself, its a combination.


Posted by Site Admin:
I cheated to avoid having to memorize things, because I hate memorizing things. I'm perfectly capable of remembering how something works, or the story behind it, but names and dates? In weird languages? No way am I going to waste my time memorizing stuff like that which has no real value to the actual subject.

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TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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