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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child." George Santayana

its sad

8 April 2004
Posted by the smart one

its sad if your going through all the trouble of typing the questions and anwsers on the coputer when thats time you could be studying and actually learning something and if you do your homework and everything your supose to u wont need to cheat because you will have learned something and no their is nothing wrong with the school systems its all the lazy ass kids in the school systems


Posted by Site Admin:
Nothing wrong with the school systems? Oh, okay then. But that's a bit weird though, if the school systems are really so perfect, why do kids need to or want to cheat at all?

If you want to know the true sinister purpose of public schools, go here and here.

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If you have school phobia (fear of school), go here and here.

TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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