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"Common sense is in spite of, not as the result of education." - Victor Hugo

Homework answers & how to cheat at school

A Small Explanation

Cheating in school is a not a noble act. But it's not some horrendous thing either. Just because you cheat in school doesn't mean you can't still be a good person. Cheating is just one way of getting by without spending lots of time on things that are pretty unnecessary for the most part. I think it's a whole lot less noble to expect people to memorize all that stuff in the first place, especially considering how they most likely will never need to use it again.

The only thing wrong with cheating is that it's sort of like lying. I once cheated on an art history test and got 80%. I cheated because I didn't want to memorize weird French names and dates like a parrot. My art teacher was really pleased with my results, but I felt bad about it because my art teacher was the only one there that I really respected. So I never cheated on an art history test again. But I still cheated on other subjects sometimes.

Homework Answers

If you want some answers to homework, you can ask questions in the shoutbox at the bottom of the page. I might archive some of the questions and answers into a database so people can find things more easily.

Site Updates

26 Jun 08 How to Cheat on Biology Homework
Lots of people have requested this, so I made a page specially for them. How to Cheat on Biology Homework.

8 May 07 Site Moved Again
I felt like renaming the site again, this time to something simple and to the point: SchoolCheater. Search engines will probably like that better, too.

11 Nov 06 Site Moved
FreeSuperHost kinda sucks. You have to renew your free account every year. Oh well, I kinda wanted to rename the site to NobleCheater anyways, so it's about time I moved it. Sorry about the downtime. I also removed the guestbook and all forms of commenting, because I've got better things to do than check them all the time. Email me if you want to say something.

What's on this site

Crib Notes
How to hide notes with you in tests or exams, so you don't need to memorize so many details.

Free Essays Search
Search multiple free essay sites for ... essays (duh). Will also query for general info and for book titles (to list as your bibliography).

Quick Projects & Essays
How to use only the internet as a resource for doing projects/essays. Even a way to make a bibliography without going near a real book.

Getting good grades
How to convince teachers you're the best student so that they give you good grades, without you having to work for them. Written by Peregrinus Jupiter

What people have said about this site (much hate mail).

Off-site links:

School Survival Guide - v1.3
Articles on why school is bad, and protesting guides, pranks and ways to resist school.

How To Unblock Myspace At School
How to get on blocked sites from school.

School Pranks
Harmless pranks that you can use to waste some time in class, get out early, or cause some confusion among teachers.

More Prank Ideas
These ones aren't serious though. They're just fun to read.

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If you want to know the true sinister purpose of public schools, go here and here.

If you want to know how you can legally get out of school forever, go here, here and here.

If you have school phobia (fear of school), go here and here.

TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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